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Our Happy Customers

  • “I really enjoyed working with Chris! He is competent, low-pressure, and very responsive. I commend him for his patience in explaining the process. He sincerely wants to make these win-win-win arrangements.”

    Derek | Aurora, CO
  • It has been a pleasure working with Steve and Lauren [Professional Home Solutions LLC]. Selling my house was becoming a burden especially living out of state. After contacting Steve, he was able to make the whole process seamless. He was very professional, answering any questions we had and put our minds at ease during the whole process. We never met Lauren personally, but knew she was taking care of issues in the background. Thanks Steve and Lauren, I would recommend your services to anyone with similar issues as we had.

    Joe S. | Plainfield, CT
  • I was blessed finding you all! My family has a home thanks to you! Lauren [Professional Home Solutions LLC] is so professional but yet such a beautiful person, caring and so helpful, she helped us step by step made it so easy for us! God bless you all! And Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    Leticia D. | Enfield, CT
  • We have been working with Pre Property Solutions for a year now out of Oxford, MA. My husband and I had been searching for a new home and were tired of renting but did not have the credit qualifications or confidence of knowledge to enter the home buying process. Once we found Pre Property Solutions, our lives were greatly changed! After meeting with the team and getting into the home we loved in such a speedy yet thorough process, we were also surprised at the quickness of home repairs prior to us moving in including a new kitchen counter and sink. Once we were approved, all efforts were made toward getting us in the house ASAP. It all sounded too good to be true from the get go, but it was very true and very good! We signed up for the credit repair program and our credit has improved immensely as well as our knowledge on continuing to keep a respectable credit report. The PPS team is kind and genuine about providing an opportunity to those willing to work hard to their goals. We will be forever grateful for this experience and for the services Pre Property Solutions provides.

    Amber T & Timothy L. | Oxford, MA
  • Prior to Pre Property Solutions no lender wanted to give us a chance because we had to increase what we were showing for income. That has a lot to do with the business and other streams of income that we have. We were determined to make it work the more and more that we heard the word, “No.” Once we saw the house we fell in love with it and what was different about you guys is we were able to lock it in today rather than chance missing out on it in the future. There’s now just a few things that we have to take care of on our end so that we will be able to get our loan on it.The moment that we heard that we were accepted I think we may have tap danced a little bit. We definitely jumped up and down. We were over the moon about it. It’s impossible to describe how we feel now that the house is ours. Honestly. It’s something that we didn’t feel would ever happen. Knowing that it’s there. It’s something that’s overwhelming but not in a bad way, but with happiness.

    T. Bolton & S. Bly | Bozrah, CT
  • Before Zach reached out to me, I was beyond frustrated. I had moved out of state and thought that my best option was a property management company to manage my property. What a nightmare that became. Dealing with non-paying tenants coupled with a property management company that would never return my calls wasn’t adding up. I felt helpless and that no one was on my side. Out of the blue, Zach reached out to me and I am so thankful that he did! They stepped up, paid the mortgage and took care of the house 100% so I didn’t have to worry anymore. I realized that they were in fact doing what they said they were going to do about 2 months in when I stopped getting calls from concerned neighbors and late rent payments. I feel so relieved that I no longer own property in MA anymore and it is behind me. When the chips were down, Zach and team were there for me. I hope that they made a fortune on the house because they deserve every penny that they got!

    Amy & Keith R. | Plymouth, MA
  • Prior to working with someone from the National Property Team, I couldn’t find a reliable renter for the property. We had someone in there that was not paying for a while and we were finally able to get them out. We couldn’t support the mortgage there and for our primary home as well. It was fine when I had a renter in there paying, but then extremely stressful month-to-month when we didn’t know if money was going to be coming in and having to worry about finding something else. It was just too much to deal with at any one time. They were able to take largely everything off of our hands and handle it on their end, financially and otherwise. I realized the 2nd month of the mortgage being paid, me not worrying about it, that they were following through and they were going to be paying that mortgage. Now that it is behind us we have started construction on our new addition to our home and it’s nice to know that that property is not going to be held over our heads anymore. Being totally done with it. A lot less stress.

    Ryan | Worcester, MA
  • Before I got introduced to Pre Property Solutions I never thought that I would have that opportunity to move out of the New England market. Where I was locally, there was a very bad real estate market. Prices were declining and I even had a few deals under contract that fell through. I was totally unsure of where to turn. When I was introduced to Pre Property Solutions they gave mea quicker way than anyone else to get out from under the property and I ended up getting a higher price than what anyone else was offering. My friends and family thought I was crazy and that I was going to end up getting stuck holding the property. I knew that it was the real deal when I had to get the property cleaned out for them to take over. I really never thought that I would move from the property. However, now I’m enjoying the prospect of traveling, relocating and visiting family in warmer climates. Mainly it’s a relief to be done with the New England winters. Thanks Pre Property Solutions.

    Bruce G. | Hinsdale, NH
  • When we were first looking to buy a home, my wife and I were both coming out of divorces that even forced one of us into bankruptcy. In addition to that our landlord stopped paying the mortgage and was pocketing the rent that we paid. We received a notice that we were being evicted and had to go to the court for the foreclosure. It was beyond frustrating because it felt like we were hitting a brick wall everywhere we turned. During 2020 we also had challenges with COVID. I had to quarantine for 3 weeks and also got in a car accident. This company was different than everyone else out there because they gave us the opportunity to become home owners and that’s all that we needed. It’s a great feeling and now we can focus on improving the property and making it our own.Another huge benefit is that we can take advantage of local grants available in our area, not to mention deduct the money that we pay on our property taxes. Now that we have closed on the home overall we are very happy with how it all played out

    V.M. & K.S. | Connecticut
  • SW Investments has been a pleasure to work with.  Their team is very transparent and genuine when it comes to working with clients and partners.

    Doug Medvetz, PHD Homes
  • We were in the position of owning a second house located 14 hours from our home. We originally intended to keep the house as a retreat for our family. After a period of time it became apparent that we could not do that. We tried listing the house with a realtor below the value that they told us we could get. The house never sold. The only feedback we got was “drop the price” in spite of the fact that listed the house for less than they suggested.

    As we prepared to consider a new realtor, we were contacted by the team at Pre Property Solutions. They came to the house, toured it, and gave us our asking price. The entire transaction which took approximately 30 days from start to finish was precisely as they they described on our first phone call. The company has been the model for integrity and customer service. They took a very stressful issue and made it painless. We are appreciative of both the professionalism and and personal service. Chris and his family of teammates are first-rate.

    C. B. | Salem, CT
  • Hats off to Chris and his partner Don and the entire team. I have waited 2 years to write this review to be sure that everything turned out as promised. I did a lot of research on them to be sure I was dealing with a reputable company before selling to them. Everything checked out great and we went ahead and sold our family home to them. They came through with everything as they had promised. I was very pleased with their openness during the process and patience they had with every question that I threw at them. I am not afraid to recommend these guys as a selling option for your home. It worked out great for me!

    Randy Y. | Stillwater, PA
  • “I can’t say enough about Chris and his team! They got me out of a situation I saw no way out of. I was unable to sell a property I owned in the city, and unable to purchase a home to live in. I was throwing money away on rent, and watching the housing market fly by me. I was worried about getting my young twins into a good school district. Then I met Chris and Pre Property Solutions…they showed me how I could lease purchase out my townhouse in Boston, and at the same time, lease purchase myself a home in the suburbs. Even organize the timing so that my townhouse closed shortly before we purchased our own house. I had no worries about maintaining my old home and settled into our new home knowing it would soon be ours. Our townhouse closed in August of last year, and we closed on our own home just last month, and was able to put it all behind me. I can’t thank Chris and Co. enough for helping through a very difficult time in my life, and I will forever be grateful.”

    Denise Rossi Brunicardi | Northborough, MA