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  • Alan Weeks

    Serving the Fort Lauderdale Area

    Real Estate Investments · Buyer & Seller Solutions

    License# Serving South Florida

  • Jonathan Ettricks

    Serving the New York City Area

    NYC's Local Leader in Rent-To-Own Homes
    Combining a sincere dedication to service with his deep love for New York City, Jonathan Ettricks consistently exceeds his clients' unique goals whether they are buying, selling or investing. He offers a consultative, hands-on approach and more than 10 years' experience, which means that each client feels understood, educated and empowered throughout their real estate journey. Regardless of budget or need, everyone receives Jonathan's signature level of service, professionalism and respect.

    Jonathan knows that trust is a foundational element of a successful transaction, and he earns his customer's faith with his unwavering honesty and integrity. Clients also benefit from his elite communication and organizational skills, and from his lifelong familiarity with the city's many neighborhoods and enclaves. Above all else, Jonathan aims to simplify the ever-changing and complex market with straightforward guidance and benevolent support.

    Jonathan's commitment to serving others was forged during his parochial school education and his subsequent 20 years in public service, including a long stint working for The New York City Council.

    Jonathan earned his bachelor's degree from Saint Francis College and his J.D. from Hofstra University.

  • Claudia Dill

    Serving the Southern Arizona region

  • Rick Abbiati

    Serving the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine Area

    Rick is a native new Englander and 20-plus year New Hampshire resident with over 30 years of corporate portfolio and project management, and customer service experience. In 2016, Rick transitioned his business and customer service expertise to real estate where he enjoys building relationships, understanding and fulfilling the needs and goals of homeowners, and helping people realize their goals of home ownership.

    Being a U.S. Navy veteran with a long career in business and customer service, Rick firmly embraces the core values of loyalty, respect, trust, and integrity.

  • Nick Prefontaine

    Serving the Middletown Area

    In 2003, Nick was in a snowboarding accident that left him in a coma for over 3 weeks. The Doctors told his parents that he probably wouldn’t walk, talk or eat on his own again. Less than 3 months later, he was running out of Franciscan Children's Hospital. Now a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Nick speaks to groups that benefit from his message of overcoming adversity.

    Nick grew up in the real estate industry, knocking on pre-foreclosure doors at 16 and 17 after getting his license. This experience helped shape Nick’s real estate career. Now, he specializes in working with lease purchasers to get them into a home and on the path to home ownership.

  • Chris & Andi Lawlor

    Serving the Boulder Area

    We are northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming's premier source for simple and innovative real estate solutions.

    SELLERS- if you would like to avoid paying hefty realtor commissions and dealing with nitpicky buyers please contact us. We have pain-free, hands-off solutions for you.

    BUYERS- if you want to achieve the American dream of owning your own home but the banks are telling you they won't give you a mortgage please contact us. We have a great solution for you!

    Learn more at www.fddrealestate.com

  • Brian O'Neill

    Serving the Plainfield Area

    Brian and Katie O’Neill are real estate investors and business owners. They have been happily married for 10 years and enjoy spending time with their son, Will.
    BKW Property Solutions was started to provide flexible real estate solutions for both buyers and sellers. They serve the Greater Chicagoland area and help buyers realize their dream of owning a home. When Brian and Katie experienced many of the common challenges of selling their own home many years ago, they knew there had to be a better way. That is the foundation of BKW Property Solutions and we look forward to serving your needs. There is a better way!

  • Austin Rahn

    Serving the Houston Area

    Austin Rahn is a real estate investor serving the greater Houston area. He was born in Houston and raised in the DFW area.

    He returned home after completing graduate school in Fort Worth, TX, where he studied business and finance. Austin followed both of his parents into the real estate industry after witnessing first-hand the impact home ownership has on people’s lives. He is passionate about helping buyers achieve their goals of home ownership while creating opportunity for sellers that are not available in the traditional marketplace.

    He currently resides in Houston with his wife, two dogs, and cat. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and watching Houston Astros baseball. On the weekends, you can find him at the dog park with his wife and two Great Pyrenees.

  • Danna Keller

    Serving the Loma Linda Area

    We are a small real estate investing team that buys properties throughout San Bernardino and Riverside County in California and Las Vegas, NV. We value family and principles we both learned in the military, like honor, service and commitment. We want to serve by providing creative solutions to seemingly difficult situations.

    We have experienced the turbulent market back in 2008. We want to help sellers overcome the challenges that we faced. We want to provide the best outcome to meet their needs. We also want to help buyers to realize their dream of owning a home. Our goal is to produce beneficial outcomes for our clients. We look forward to serving you!

  • Justin Pichora

    Serving the Pittsburgh Area

    Justin is a real estate investor in the Pittsburgh area. He is born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and believes in a strong local economy by supporting local businesses and producers. Justin's business is built on transparency, hard work, and doing what's right for all parties involved. Justin is a husband and father that prides himself in leading by example to not only provide a great life for his family but also show his daughter how to live life to the fullest. In his spare time you can find Justin on the golf course, the mountains, the gym, or somewhere outside.

    If you're looking to sell your home in the Pittsburgh area Justin can help you get the most equity out of your house while providing a quick closing without the headaches.

  • Pete Ghormley

    Serving the Vancouver Area

    I was born and raised in the Great Pacific Northwest where I grew up in a large soccer family. I also loved to ski (until my knees couldn't handle it anymore) and marveled at the magnificent PNW landscape as a hiker, and still do! I pivoted in life and joined the US Army soon after Desert Shield. It was during my brief stint at Fort Hood Texas when I met my wife Sharon who also an outdoors enthusiast and currently works in veterinarian medicine. We have a wonderful daughter Hannah who has completed her nursing program and is currently working as a health practitioner.

    The philosophy I bring to my work is to provide value to those I serve. I sincerely want to provide solutions to home sellers and buyers by offering options they may otherwise wouldn't have known, options that very well could be a better fit for their particular circumstances. I look forward to having a conversation with you and see if Centerlink Realty Solutions can be a good fit as your home selling and buying partner.

  • Marc Biviano

    Knob and Key Home Solutions, LLC is a small, family-owned business based in the South Shore area of Massachusetts. We serve properties throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island and Connecticut.
    Do you have a property that you’d like to earn the most equity for? Do you find the process of selling a home to be stressful? We recognize the struggles of selling and buying a home. Knob and Key Home Solutions can help you! We take pride in our business principles and use the same values for our family: loyalty, honesty, and trust.
    Our creative approach is appealing to sellers because we are able to purchase homes without sellers incurring the costs of commissions. We also work with buyers, even those who have had recent life events that typically block the path to home ownership (divorce, death, self-employment). We offer these buyers a solution which allows them to take the dream of home ownership and make it a reality. Therefore, we provide a “Win/Win” home solution.

  • Jason Larson

    Serving the Shakopee Area

    Northwoods Property Solutions is a family-owned business that specializes in buying and selling residential real estate throughout the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. We own and operate our business right here in the Twin Cities and consider ourselves professional home buyers that can give you multiple options for how we can buy your home without asking you to just “give away” your homes equity AND save you tons on money at closing. Because we are not real estate agents, there are NO COMMISSIONS and NO hidden fees! This allows you to NET more of the equity in your home!
    It’s our desire to be the premier home buyer and seller in the Twin Cities and your number one choice when selling or buying your home! We understand how important building relationships and trust is with our sellers so we’d love to get to know you and your situation better. Give us a call and we can give you a “No Commitment” evaluation on your home! What this means is that we acquire homes from home sellers who are either struggling to sell their homes or have become disenchanted with their current process, and then we install a prequalified rent-to-own buyer in them who we work with directly to qualify for their mortgage loan.

  • Robbie & Samantha Logan

  • Valerie and John Buhmeyer

    Serving the Atlanta Area

    Creating Win-Win Solutions for Property Sellers & Buyers

    SELLERS: Selling your home conventionally can cost 5% to 15% of your selling price due to commissions and other fees. You may also suffer a large capital gains tax hit if your home has appreciated in value over time. By selling your home with us, you can avoid these large costs, pay any capital gains taxes over time, and keep all of the equity you have built over the years.

    BUYERS: Today, approximately 82% of would-be home buyers cannot qualify for financing. Many have excellent incomes as entrepreneurs or have experienced a life event that has temporarily damaged their credit, and they simply need "seasoning," or time, to show a bank that they can make regular payments. We help these buyers move into the homes of their dreams while setting them up for future success in qualifying for a mortgage.

    John entered the real estate investing space after serving 20+ years in the United States Air Force. Before joining John to invest in real estate full time, Valerie worked 20+ years in various corporate and consulting roles as a process improvement and project management professional.

  • Matisa Ullrich

    Serving the DMV
    Matisa Ullrich is a real estate investor, business owner, wife and mother currently operating in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. She is the owner of Essence Properties. As a DMV resident she is familiar with diverse buyer and seller needs due to the transient environment. Matisa understands that the traditional market does not always suit everyone. She is proficient in structuring transactions to best fit all parties involved. Give her a call and allow her to make your dreams a reality.

  • Elijah Ehlis

    Serving the Broomfield Area

    Elijah Ehlis is an active real estate investor and business owner. He currently lives in northern Colorado and has a passion for real estate.

    ​Ehlis Property Solutions, LLC was started to serve buyers and sellers throughout Colorado. If you're struggling to sell your home, or don't think it's possible to ever own a home again; you've come to the right place!

    ​Looking to sell? We pay full market value for all different types of homes using various lease purchase options. We can discuss what is a best fit for you, and benefit all parties involved.

    ​Looking to buy, but can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage due to credit issues or whatever reason? This could be just what you need to obtain the American dream of owning your own home. We can help you! Take a look at our properties, lock in the price now, and enjoy your home today instead of later!

  • Ross Krings

    Ross Krings is a real estate investor, business owner, and father from Oshkosh, WI. He has been a business owner since he was 22 and quickly learned that helping people was what makes life worth living.

    Ross knows that for various reasons, not every property sells on the traditional market, and that not every buyer fits in the box that the bank wants them in. That's where he likes to help. There is no better feeling than structuring a deal that helps someone else.

    Part of why Ross is so passionate about structuring real estate transactions this way is because he had to do it for himself. While going through a divorce, he wasn't able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. The sellers lived out of state, and weren't sure how to get their home sold. They were able to sit down at the kitchen table and agree on terms that would work for both of them. They got full market value, and Ross got a house in the country with 5 acres that he and his son can enjoy. It was truly a win-win.
    Please let him know how he can help you.

  • Jonathan Chan

  • Lindsay Rice

    Serving the Fairfax Area

    License# 0225216700

  • Nathan Buchheit

    Buchheit Property Solutions was started by Nathan Buchheit — an entrepreneur that’s been around real estate since a young age — who has built a portfolio of his own since college. While attending school, he was a student athlete walking on the basketball team for two years. While going to school he bought his first property, where he lived in one of the rooms while renting to other college friends. After graduating and marrying his future wife, he moved to Olympia. Since moving out to Olympia, Nathan has started his own company and added other investments to his portfolio.

    Buchheit Property Solutions helps all who have come up short, feel like that are paying too much in fees/commissions or are disappointed with the traditional methods of buying or selling a home. Today, we are a part of a growing national family of real estate investors who help sellers get their homes sold and renters become owners through our programs.

    We serve the Iowa, Washington and Oregon markets. Give us a call and lets find out if we have a solution for you.

  • Marius Pavel

    Serving the Cleveland Ohio Metro Area

  • Max Aybar

    Serving the Tampa Area

  • Adam Lauchman

    Serving the Northern Maryland and South Central PA Area

  • Monica & Brent Scott

    Buyer & Seller Solutions
    - Serving the Los Angeles Area

  • Jose Ayala

    Jose Ayala and his wife are real estate investors and business owners. They have been happily married for 44 years and enjoy spending time with their children and grandkids. Jose has over 40 years’ experience between military and government service. With the same dedication and commitment, he now devotes it toward building his family owned business, Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions, LLC, in Charles Town, West Virginia.

    Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions was started to provide flexible real estate solutions for both sellers and buyers through Lease Purchase and Owner Financing. Whether you are dreaming of becoming a first-time home buyer or selling your home to maximize your profit, we can help. Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions: serving and investing in people, one house at a time.

    They serve in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and the nearby regions in Northern Virginia to help sellers and buyers realize their dreams of home ownership using a nontraditional and creative method.

  • Jeff Redmond

    Let's Do This!
    Rocking the Seattle Real Estate Market, funding buyers that otherwise are struggling, and moving properties that traditional markets could not.

  • Lauren & Steve Mernick

    Lauren & Steve are the founders of Home On Your Terms and are based in eastern Connecticut.  Steve serves as the company’s Acquisitions Director and loves crafting up creative solutions for sellers, while Lauren works as Sales Director and enjoys helping deserving buyers achieve their goal of home ownership.  When not working on their own business, they are mentoring other investors who wish to learn the terms niche of real estate.

    In their free time, they are with their two young children and two dogs.  Steve can also be considered a Cornhole connoisseur, so you may find him outside perfecting his form.  Lauren is a huge fan of "The Office," so she may or may not quote some of her favorite lines while on a call with you.

  • Robert Purcell

    Serving Lower and Southeast Michigan

  • Jeff Hayes

    Serving the Munster Area

    I currently live in Lansing, Illinois and have been there for nearly 20 years after growing up in Hobart, IN. I live with my wife Melissa, our two children and our two dogs. I graduated from Purdue University Calumet with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems and Information Networking. I work for a prominent global legal services company in Chicago, IL and over the last few years, I transitioned from a senior technical resource to now a senior manager with resources spread out across the globe.
    I have always enjoyed understanding people, getting to know them, and ultimately help them with various aspects of their lives. It is my intention to continue with that mindset in the real estate world, ultimately helping folks that need to sell their home and others to own the home of their dreams.

  • Jeremy Tomsick

  • Stacey Arbetter

    Serving the New England Area

    The Win Win Win Solution!
    I have an intense drive for solving problems and helping people, and I don’t believe in following the status quo in order to do so. When something isn’t working, there has to be another way.

    With this philosophy in mind, while I was in college, I started my first company, Trilateral Trading Corp., which grew to the largest independent exporter of automobiles in the United States.

    From there I went on to begin a series of successful companies, and my foundation of success has been built on the ability to face challenges head on, find solutions, and keep the customer’s needs first.

    Now, I put that experience and insight to work for today’s homebuyer and seller, who each face their own unique set of challenges, by building relationships and creating new paths to homeownership. Helping my clients is the ultimate goal.

    When I am not working, I love spending time with my 2 Border Terriers, and I am an avid snowmobiler who doesn’t stay on the path. (I like to make my own).

  • Shanti Jimenez

    Serving the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Area

    The idea of selling your home on a Lease Option can seem stressful. But the mission of Mashanllah LLC is to bring the same love to your home that you would....

    Our Core Values
    Care… for your home and your family investment
    Commitment... to exceeding your expectations
    Creativity… in our solutions and in a customized approach for your unique situation

    Shanti Jimenez of Mashanllah LLC has demonstrated her passion for helping communities realize their dream of home ownership since her role as a real estate agent in 2005, until her place today in the lease-to-own niche.

    Her team's primary focus is to identify the right buyer who will not only meet your price but who will bring nothing but love and regard to your home.

  • Rinat Shani & Neta Gefen

    Serving the Cincinnati Area

  • Steve Mabus

  • Don Strickland

    Serving the Dallas Area

  • Sarah & Kevin Gannon

    Serving the NEW FAIRFIELD Area

    We both arrive from corporate backgrounds to embrace working with folks with real needs and hoped solutions. Exciting to help people fulfill dreams! Enjoy working all over western Connecticut and adjacent New York ,whether City or country or in between its all good :)

  • Roger Campbell

    Serving the Roswell Area

    I Live in North Atlanta and serve the greater Metro-Atlanta area including Fulton, Gwinnet, Cobb, Dekalb, Forsyth, Henry, Clayton and Hall counties among others. I strive to creatively provide solutions so all parties get maximum value from each transaction.

  • Chad Heeter

    With over 25 years of real estate experience, Chad followed both his parents and grandparents into real estate investing. At seven years old, he was pulling weeds and picking up trash around the 30+ rental properties that his dad owned in Kansas City, Kansas. Soon, he was promoted to mowing lawns and painting. Years later, Chad continued on his own, purchasing and rehabbing his own rental properties.
    Now living in the mountains of central Colorado with his two children, Chad specializes in high-end rural properties and ranches. He especially enjoys structuring owner-financed deals with retirees (and soon-to-be retirees) as well as working with sellers going through a life transition.

    In addition to real estate, Chad worked for over 15 years as a journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the US and the Middle East.

  • Lara Markel

  • Mike Makredes

  • Russell Ham

    Serving the Southern California Area

    Success Is Not An Accident
    Russelll, upon graduating high school in 1988, started coaching high school boys basketball.  He also received his teaching credential and taught and coached for 20+ years.  The lessons learned as a teacher and coach now can be applied to his real estate business.  He looks forward, everyday, to help families live their dreams.

    Speaking of family.  Russell is married to Emily of 22 years and has two beautiful children.  Lacie (17) and Jesse (14)

  • Greg & Cami Goucher

    Greg and Cami are real estate investors in Ohio and are co-founders of Mingo Properties. They understand that life brings challenges that we cannot always foresee. They have experienced divorce, blending a family, being adult learners and financial challenges. They bring empathy, compassion and honesty to their business and those they work with.

    In their spare time they enjoy traveling the world, spending time with their 5 children and helping other blended families live their best life.

  • Bridge Property Experts

    Serving the Central Texas Area

    Bridging the gap to home ownership, One home at a time.
    Josh and Brian started Bridge Property Experts with a desire to help people achieve their goal of home ownership. Prior to working in the terms niche they flipped houses and currently run three short term rentals for people visiting Waco, Tx.

    When they're not working on their real estate business they can be found spending time with their families.